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Salesforce Custom Convert Lead Page and Lead Conversion Process Using Visualforce and Apex

There are a number of “Black Box” processes in Salesforce that are essentially hardcoded functions that you have little or no control over. The out-of-the-box Lead Conversion process is one of these Black Box processes – when you click the standard ‘Convert’ button from a Lead record, you get redirected to a page called leadconvert.jsp.

While the standard page used for lead conversion is good enough most of the time for most customers, you may eventually find yourself asking, “How do I customize the Convert Lead screen?

Render Visualforce Components Dynamically Based on Object Level Security

We recently came across an interesting situation that I’m sure many developers have faced at one point or another:  While using VisualForce with standard controllers in the context of a single object gives you access to a fair number of useful standard components exposed by the platform, when you venture beyond the single object or require functionality beyond what the platform gives you “out-of-the-box,” the custom code can pile up fast. Tip: ‘New’ Button Override to Assign VisualForce Page to Specific Record Type Using Native Apex Code

You’ve probably come across this before…you need to create a custom VisualForce page for a specific Record Type, but overriding the ‘New’ or ‘Edit’ button seems to be an all-or-nothing proposition (i.e. you can do a single VisualForce page and embed the Page Layout using Apex:Detail, but you can’t mix custom pages with standard Page Layouts). We came across this recently at Delivered Innovation, and we want to share our solution with the community. This specific example involves the Salesforce Case object, but can be applied to any Standard or Custom Object.