Using JavaScript in Lightning

Comparing Lightning Component Controllers and Helpers

Raja takes a look at the roles the Controller and Helper resources play and the best practices for developing JavaScript functions for use in a Lightning Component.

You will learn about how to make JavaScript code reusable by using the Helper as well as best practices for orchastratic component logic.

Exploring the Renderer to Control Component Rendering Behavior

If you have ever wondered what the Renderer resource was in your Lightning Component bundle, Balkishan Kachawa explores the topic in detail.

While using the Renderer to manage the component rendering lifecycle is less favorable than handling the events that fire during the lifecycle, it is still important to understand the stages of the lifecycle and the different options for how to work with them.

In this article you will learn about the Render, AfterRender, Rerender and Unrender functions in the Renderer resource and strategies for using custom JavaScript to control rendering behavior.