Hire a Part-Time Salesforce Architect

I am a rarity in the Salesforce ecosystem – an independent and objective trusted advisor who refuses to drink the Kool-Aid yet believes in the power of the platform and can show you that anything is possible with Salesforce.

I love working with growing companies to help them do business in new ways using Salesforce and cloud technology. I am driven by designing innovative solutions that enable new business models and make customer want to do business with you.

If you have bought into Salesforce as a platform that can enable you to do business in ways you never could have imagined before, we should work together. Here are the areas that I focus on:

Salesforce Strategy and Planning

The good news is that your company has adopted Salesforce and wants to take advantage of the power of the platform to run more of your business in the cloud. The bad news is that you’re now realizing that the platform can be very complex and the technology moves faster than anything you’ve experienced in the past.

I can tell you right now that the technology is only going to keep moving faster. But don’t let this turn you off from moving more of your key business processes onto Salesforce – in fact, I believe now is the time to go all-in with Salesforce. With the right plan in place and the ability to execute on it, Salesforce can transform your business.

  • Salesforce Strategy and Roadmap Development
  • Salesforce Business Process Review and Analysis
  • Salesforce Project Planning

Salesforce Technical Architecture

You don’t need me to tell you how complex the Salesforce platform can seem at times. And you especially don’t need me to tell you how fast the technology moves. You’ve already experienced all of this for yourself.

But the fact remains, the business has adopted Salesforce and they want more from it. And you’re on the hook to deliver this value. Where do you even begin?

Where does the business want to go? How can Salesforce help get you there? What do you need to buy or build ? What do you have in place today? What is the next action you need to take?

I can help you answer these questions and guide your Salesforce architecture as it grows to meet the demands of your fast-moving organization. The lessons I have learned and the design patterns that I can apply from over 200 Salesforce projects across dozens of industries and business models can be put to use providing objective guidance, mentoring, and technical leadership to your Salesforce team.

  • Salesforce Technical Architecture Review
  • Salesforce Integration Strategy
  • Salesforce Design and Development Best Practices
  • Salesforce Code Review and Refactoring
  • Salesforce Sandbox Strategy and Management

Salesforce Custom Solution Design

If you’re looking to do business in new ways with Salesforce, you’ve come to the right place.

There are hundreds of Salesforce partners out there and an untold number of offshore developers that would gladly hack together a custom application for you on the cheap. But can you really afford to put your trust into just anyone when we’re talking about a system that could fundamentally change the way you do business?

I’ve designed and built custom solutions on Salesforce for nearly ten years. I have trained hundreds of Salesforce developers on the Force.com platform for Salesforce University. I have worked with companies of every size across dozens of industries, and I have designed systems to enable business models that were not even possible just a few years ago.

I get this stuff. But more importantly, I get your business and want to make it better. I take ownership of designing the right solution that fulfills your business vision within budget and time constraints. Nothing is more fulfilling than solving a problem, addressing a challenge, or capitalizing on an opportunity using technology. I am driven by your success, not by warming a seat and racking up billable hours.

  • Business process automation beyond CRM
  • Integration with cloud services and APIs
  • Mobile enablement of key business processes
  • Customer self service and partner enablement
  • Lightning component and application design

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