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Suburban Bank of Cary-Grove / Harris Bank Cary-Grove
Cary, Illinois

My career began as a humble bank teller, processing deposits and running coins through a counting machine. Then someone figured out that I knew a lot about computers, so I started to work on PC and network support, eventually reverse engineering the online system and teaching my peers how to use it in new ways.

I rolled out a teller balancing system that had been developed but never implemented because nobody could figure out how it worked, and it cut the head teller’s processing time from hours to minutes…making me her new best friend and launching my IT career in the process.

The following summer I filled in for the bookkeeper because of my ability to find and process information quickly. Customers liked me, and eventually I became a Customer Service Representative, opening new accounts and managing other customer-facing processes. My IT responsibilities grew as well, and I realized that banking wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do for a career, so I bid the bank adieu and pursued a career in Information Technology.


Success National Bank
Lincolnshire, Illinois

In my first dedicated IT role, I designed, developed, and maintained the corporate website for a boutique bank group on the North Shore. I did all of the content writing, graphic design, and HTML development at a time when the commercial web was still in its infancy.

I also designed and implemented a Novell 4.x WAN, upgraded Novell 3.x LANs from Token Ring to 10Base-T Ethernet, rolled out the bank’s first email system, and spent a lot of time crawling under desks fixing computers. Exciting stuff.


TerraGlyph Interactive Studios
Schaumburg, Illinois

Probably the most fun I’ve ever had doing something that paid a salary, I managed the IT operations for a custom animation studio that produced children’s video games for the PC, Sony Playstation, and Nintendo platforms that were based on the Tiny Tunes Adventures characters from Warner Brothers.

This was my first management position, and I had a staff of 6. We were responsible for LAN / WAN / Internet connectivity, maintaining SGI workstations, providing Windows and UNIX server support, Microsoft Exchange messaging, security / firewalls, and storage systems (including this behemoth of an optical disc jukebox that never worked right). There was also plenty of crawling under desks and fixing things in this role.

We had every gaming console in existence at the time and did a lot of “testing.” We tested Mario Kart 64 extensively after hours, even though we had nothing to do with the development or publishing of this particular title.

At some point the business reinvented itself and I spun out an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to sell bandwidth and services. I obtained my Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) certification, which was somewhat of a big deal at the time, but the business unit never took off and I moved on to bigger and better things (not including my next job, which was awful).


Montgomery Securities / Bank of America Securities
San Francisco, California

Technically I worked for a Chicago-based consulting company, but that was an awful job that taught me early in my career that money shouldn’t be the only factor in making career decisions.

The positive thing to come from the consulting experience was that I got to work in San Francisco during the Dot-Com Boom, and I met many of the people who now make up the core of my West Coast professional network. Oh, and I got to work in the TransAmerica Pyramid, which was really cool.


Siebel Systems (Now Oracle Corporation)
San Mateo, California

As a senior IT manager and architect, I had the privilege of leading a large team that spanned North America and Europe. We successfully designed and delivered 100+ major enterprise infrastructure projects for the pioneer in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), one of the fastest growing companies in history.

I managed the enterprise application integration for 12 acquisitions in the United States and Canada. My team designed, implemented, and managed the enterprise Windows application infrastructure and Microsoft Exchange messaging architecture for 8,400 employees in 27 countries.

We designed and delivered an enterprise performance, availability, capacity, and asset monitoring solution to 3,500+ servers and applications globally by integrating solutions from BMC, Quest Software, Mercury Interactive, and IBM Tivoli.

I was responsible for architecting the mission-critical monitoring, alerting, and reporting solution for the Siebel CRM OnDemand SaaS solution, a competitor to

My team helped to design and implement an innovative “software factory” process for the rapid, automated provisioning of development environments using virtual server technologies from VMWare and other partners.

I was responsible for developing and presenting strategic technology roadmaps to senior technology and business executive teams, as well as working with business leadership to architect enterprise information systems, optimize processes, and execute strategic business technology programs.

In addition to my technology responsibilities, I also managed key vendor and strategic partner relationships, negotiated the commercial terms of enterprise purchases, and was responsible for reviewing and negotiating legal agreements.

I was proud to be named to the CEO’s Circle, which recognized the top 10% of global employees, and to be presented with the “IT ImpacT” award for IT leadership excellence. Siebel was a once-in-a-lifetime professional experience.


U.S. Cellular Corporation
Chicago, Illinois

I’m not exactly sure what I did here other than go to a godawful amount of meetings. It’s the only job I was ever fired from, and in the end I am forever glad that it happened because it inspired me to leave the corporate world forever and start my own company.


Delivered Innovation
Chicago, Illinois

After leaving Siebel, I found religion in business process design. I fell in love with the writings of Michael Hammer, Eli Goldratt, Tom Davenport, Jim Champy and others. At the same time, my experience with the Siebel CRM OnDemand rollout made it clear to me that Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) was going to radically change the way Information Technology services were delivered.

One day, it all came together. I attended a seminar in Boston led by Dr. Michael Hammer on the role of IT in business process reengineering, and my entire way of thinking about business processes and IT changed. I realized that the time had come when technology would no longer be the constraint for rapid, radical business improvement. IT as we knew it was dying.

I started Delivered Innovation in 2006 after leaving the corporate world to help CIOs understand how SaaS – or what we now refer to more generally as “The Cloud” – would fundamentally change how IT delivered technology services to business stakeholders.

After an early pivot, Delivered Innovation became one of the first companies to specialize in systems and business process architecture for the cloud. By 2008 we were completely focused on building solutions for Salesforce and the Platform, having developed custom applications with Apex and Visualforce since they were introduced.

I designed, developed, and published our first AppExchange application in 2008 and became Salesforce certified in 2009. Over the course of 8 years I led the design and implementation of over 150 Salesforce projects, ranging from point solutions to enterprise rollouts with thousands of users.

In 2014, I shut down Delivered Innovation to shift my focus towards becoming an independent consultant and part time instructor for Salesforce University.


Concerned American Voters
Washington, District of Columbia

Concerned American Voters (CAV) is a Super PAC organized in support of Sen. Rand Paul for President. It plays a significant role in organizing high-dollar donor support, building infrastructure in key states, and targeting, persuading, and tracking voters online. CAV does not support or give money to state or local candidates.


Marketing Lucidity
Chicago, Illinois

As Chief Technology Officer, I design and develop next generation Marketing Performance Management applications and extensible Lightning Components for the Salesforce AppExchange.


Forcementor and Salesforce University
San Francisco, California

I am a part time instructor for Forcementor and Salesforce University, delivering the Apex and Visualforce Controllers (DEV501) course to advanced developers at various Salesforce offices and private workshops around North America.


Independent Salesforce Advisor, Architect and Developer
Chicago, Illinois

I help growing companies do more with Salesforce by deeply understanding the underlying business and designing solutions to optimize customer-facing processes end-to-end.

Areas that I focus on include:

:: Expert Salesforce solution design
:: Complex systems architecture and business process design
:: Project leadership
:: Salesforce roadmap development and ongoing advisory services
:: Objective technology and consulting partner recommendations

I work on a retainer basis and am available for advisory and direct client project engagements.

Mike Topalovich

Mike Topalovich - Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I Mike Topalovich - Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II Mike Topalovich - Salesforce Certified Developer Mike Topalovich - Salesforce Certified Advanced Developer
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