Sweet Home Chicago: See Mike Topalovich Present at Midwest Dreamin’ 2018

I will be co-presenting a session with James Loghry at Midwest Dreamin’ entitled “Writing Declarative Ready Components” on July 12, 2018.

This will be my second year presenting at this awesome Salesforce community event, right here in my hometown of Chicago.

Writing Declarative Ready Components

This session focuses on how developers can write Lightning Components to simplify administrators jobs by making components configurable and robust.

After this session, Lightning Component developers should have a good understanding of how to ‘measure twice and cut once’ by developing configurable, reusable components.

The topics we will cover include:

Clicks vs. Code
  • What does “declarative” actually mean?
  • Why the dichotomy…why not clicks and code?
  • Opportunities for developers and admins to work together
  • How to write declarative Lightning Components
Where to use Components
  • Lightning Tabs
  • Lightning Quick Actions
  • Introduction to FlexiPages
  • Lightning Pages: standalone app pages, home pages, and record pages
  • Community Pages
Designing Lightning Components for Reuse
  • Discuss design goals: encapsulated, reusable, and responsive components
  • Page-centric architecture vs. single-page application architecture
  • What is an attribute?
  • What is an interface?
Design Resource
  • Applying <sfdc:object> and <sfdc:objects>
  • Deconstructing design:attribute
  • How to create picklist values in design resource
  • How to create picklist values dynamically in Apex
Documentation (DocDef) Resource
  • What documentation is available for Lightning Components?
  • Review of AuraDocs
  • Review of ComponentReference
Design Tokens
  • What is a design token, exactly?
  • How can design tokens make my component more customizable?
Best Practices
  • We can’t give away all of our secrets here…you’ll just have to attend our session!

This session will be in the Salon 2 room from 3:30 pm – 4:10 pm on Thursday, July 12.

Midwest Dreamin’ runs July 11-13 at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago.

Hope to see you in Chicago, the greatest city in the world!

If you’re looking for recommendations on where to go in Chicago or if you’d like to connect for a beverage, please connect with @topalovich on Twitter.

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