Unlearning Visualforce: Transitioning to Lightning Component Development

As Lightning development gets off the ground, it will primarily be existing Salesforce developers who get tasked with having to learn Lightning. Because many Salesforce developers focus on Visualforce for front-end development, there will be a natural tendency to apply concepts from Visualforce to Lightning Component development.

While there are some conceptual similarities between Visualforce and Lightning, I cannot state this strongly enough – Lightning development is fundamentally different, and if you try to build Lightning Components the same way you build Visualforce pages, you will miss out on most of what this new platform has to offer. You need to unlearn Visualforce in order to master Lightning Component development.

Having had to make the same transition from Visualforce to Lightning development, I have already experienced this transformation and understand what you are about to go through. This is why I will be sharing tips and best practices to help Visualforce developers make the necessary conceptual leaps and think about Lightning without being held back by legacy thinking.

At first you may be frustrated by the shift from a page-centric architecture to a single-page application architecture, but don’t give up. Once you see the power of the Lightning platform and how you can break free from the limitations of Visualforce, everything will come together and you will feel empowered to create truly amazing business applications.

The journey is well worth it.

Mike Topalovich
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