Salesforce Developer Relations Releases ‘Visualforce in Practice’

Visualforce in Practice

Last week at Dreamforce ’13, the Developer Relations team introduced a number of new books, including Visualforce in Practice. I had the opportunity to be a coauthor for this book along with some of the best minds in the developer community, including Michael Floyd, Don Robins, Matt Lacey, Ryan Sieve, Peter GruhlDan Appleman and Lior Gotersman. It was a fun project, and I’m proud of the final product.

The book is intended for intermediate Visualforce developers, and provides some great examples that you can apply in your own development.

If you did not get a chance to pick up Visualforce in Practice at Dreamforce, an electronic version will be released shortly.

The topics covered by Visualforce in Practice include:

  • Thinking in Visualforce
  • The Standard Controller—Pushing the Envelope
  • Just Enough Code: Introduction to Controllers and Extensions
  • The Standard List Controller
  • Building Wizards With Visualforce
  • Building Charts With Visualforce
  • Building Dashboards With Visualforce
  • Streaming Realtime Data into Visualforce
  • Creating Reusable Page Templates
  • Using JavaScript with Visualforce
  • Building Mobile Apps Using
  • Visualforce, JavaScript, and HTML5
  • Using JavaScript with Visualforce
  • Visualforce Performance and Best Practices: Rapidfire Rendering of Visualforce Pages
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Mike Topalovich
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  1. Nick Sanchez

    Hi Mike,

    If you are one of the original writers / contributors / master mind of this amazing, informational piece of work, thank you and everyone else for providing this information over the years for free. It’s people like you that really do enjoy spreading knowledge to those who really embrace it for the good and not the bad.

    I’m sure you and all other Salesforce Developers are aware of this, but unfortunately, the workbook has been deprecated I still find myself developing and still learning about visualforce. I wish you much success and thank you for helping me build my career for the last 10+ years working in the Salesforce platform.



    • Mike Topalovich

      Thank you very much, Nick. There were a number of us who contributed, it was a fun project masterminded by Don Robins. Glad you found value in it.


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