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Work / Life “Integration”

Another thing I loathe about the term “Work / Life Balance” is that it assumes that we have to turn one off to enjoy the other. Why does there have to be this dichotomy between “work” and “life?” Aren’t we all just living one life?

I first heard the term “Work / Life Integration” when I came across a post that my friend Scott Hess published on LinkedIn about how millennials work. If anything, I have embraced the concept of viewing work and personal space as being essentially one and the same, and it is more representative of the views emerging from the younger generations entering the workforce and establishing careers.

One of Scott’s key points is that we live in a world where it’s nearly impossible to turn it off anymore. We are always on, we are always connected.

Because we live in this on-demand world, we don’t have many opportunities to just turn off “work” and focus on “life.” The line between the two blurs, as our devices are now straddling what we once viewed as two distinct worlds, and work doesn’t just happen in the office from 9-5…it becomes a part of everything we do, essentially merging “work” and “life” into a single context.

This is an excerpt from 40@40: Embrace Work as Part of an Integrated and Balanced Life.

In celebration of my 40th birthday, I decided to write 40 blog posts to reflect on 40 of the most important lessons I have learned throughout my life. You can follow the full series here: