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Does the Best Equipment Make You a Better Player? Does Technology Make Your Business Better?

With the holidays upon us, based on the amount of baseball gear that Santa will be bringing for my 9-year-old son (sorry, forgot to give a spoiler alert about the whole Santa thing), I assume that many kids will be unwrapping new sports gear over the next few weeks.

This made me think back to one of the things I saw over the past four summers coaching my son’s baseball teams – a lot of the new baseball gear that was left under the tree got opened for the first time when the team would meet for the first practice of the season. Sure, kids at that age grow fast and need new shoes and other gear replaced just about every season, but there are also the $300 baseball bats that find their way into the dugout.

Those were the things that tended to have an inverse correlation with player ability, and that made me think of all of the technology out there that gets bought for the sake of being bought, but doesn’t really get used to its full capabilities. How many times have you seen a kid playing an organized sport looking like a pro with the best gear money can buy, only to then see that the ability to execute the basics of the given sport just weren’t there? How many times have you seen expensive software or services get bought by a company but never really used?

Why is that?