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Conquer Dreamforce with Pro Tips on Keynotes, Coffee, Tasty Cocktails, and Managing Your Schedule

I’ve been seeing a lot of “Dreamforce Survival Guides” and “Dreamforce Tips” popping up as we get closer to the big event. While some of them are good (I’ve linked to a few below), some of them are just crap SEO / tweet fodder thrown together at the last minute.

Here’s the deal – this will be my 4th Dreamforce, and the way I describe the experience to people is that it’s like sticking your finger in a light socket and keeping it there for four days. It’s intense. It’s a nonstop barrage of information and stimulation. It’s awesome. BUT if you don’t manage your time and energy, you will burn out quickly and miss out on much of the experience.

So how do you make the most of your Dreamforce experience without needing to take the following week off to recoup? Here’s my strategy…