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IT Complexity

Managing complexity is likely the single most daunting responsibility of Information Technology managers.  Without diligent design, planning, and oversight, the proliferation of server hardware, platforms, laptops, workstations, desktop operating systems, personal productivity software, office suites, data networks, voice networks, storage area networks, network attached storage, robotic backup libraries, administration tools, system monitoring, custom applications, messaging systems, wiring closets, data centers, firewalls, spam filters, antivirus, anti-malware, wikis, blogs, help desks, mobile devices, data warehouses, business intelligence, CRM, ERP, SaaS, web services, portals, intranets, extranets, racks, copper, fiber, whatever else the trade magazines tout as being the next big thing, and every other esoteric component that makes its way into the enterprise will create an impossibly complex mess of technology that requires every ounce of fortitude to manage effectively.

The Discipline of Management

As the world continues to flatten, and as business and technology grow more complex with each new day, the greatest challenge for many companies is to rapidly and continuously adapt to meet the demands of the competitive environment.  While the pace and scope of change is unprecedented in human history, the solution for staying ahead of the curve is the same as it has always been: Effective management.