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2009: The Year Cloud Computing Reached The Tipping Point

By most accounts, 2009 was a bad year.  For some, an awful year.  But for cloud computing, 2009 will be looked back on as the year the movement reached the tipping point.  I don’t necessarily want to run through a year-end wrap-up, but I do want to take some lessons learned from 2009 and apply them to what I believe we’ll see in the year ahead.

The Question Without an Answer

What exactly is “Cloud Computing?”  The term will probably never be fully fleshed out in terms of a common definition, and at the end of the day that’s fine with me. Yes, we need to put structure around the term and the industry, but as we noted earlier in the year with a post about cloud maturity models, we run the risk of painting ourselves into a corner if we try too hard to make things fit neatly into buckets that we can easily classify and categorize. Taxonomy will be key to understanding and adopting cloud computing, but I’ve become convinced that in order to truly embrace the cloud, we must…