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Don’t Make Your System Problems Into Customer Problems

As a systems architect focused on designing game changing business processes and technology systems, I am hypersensitive to every process that I am exposed to in my day-to-day life.

This sensitivity to process allows me to see and understand how things are connected end-to-end. When I have a particularly good or particularly bad experience interacting with an organization, I immediately reverse engineer the processes that led to the positive or negative experience.

I find myself doing this all of the time at Starbucks – some stores are exceptionally efficient and leave with me with a positive emotional response as I walk out the door, others leave me scratching my head. Disney is another example of a great experience that I study whenever I visit a theme park with my kids. On the other hand, dealing with Comcast always leaves me feeling angry and frustrated.

A positive trend that I have observed at the intersection of process and technology is a focus on creating great customer experiences. Companies are investing time and money to design systems and align business processes to focus on eliciting a positive emotional response from customers at every touchpoint throughout each stage of the customer lifecycle.

While some innovators are getting this right, I have had a number of encounters recently where I was reminded of how far we are from this focus on customer experience reaching critical mass. Not only were these experiences terrible, leaving me with feelings of animosity towards the brands responsible, but the root cause of these poor experiences was mismanaged technology “upgrades.”