40@40: The 40 Lessons That Shaped Me as a Person

What a drag it is getting old.

The Rolling Stones

I turned 40 in July of 2016. I can’t say I was freaked out by turning 40, but I did spend a lot of time thinking about it over the months leading up to it.

Sure, age is just a number. But 40 feels like a big number. I’ve lived a lot of life and have experienced my share of ups and downs, success and failure, love and loss.

Since it is our experiences that make us who we are, I figured this milestone would be the perfect opportunity to reflect on my own experiences, what I have learned from them, and how they have shaped me as a person.

In celebration of my 40th birthday, I decided to write 40 blog posts to reflect on 40 of the most important lessons I have learned throughout my life. I borrowed the concept from ESPN’s 30-for-30 series, which was a series of 30 short films made in celebration of the sports network’s 30th anniversary.

Why would I spend the time writing about my experiences and publishing them in such a public forum? By no means am I a rockstar, CEO, professional athlete, or really anyone special for that matter.

Well, I like who I am. I love my life. And I have the two greatest kids anyone could ever wish for. I have everything I want. And I have stories to tell and experiences to share.

I have been fortunate enough to have had people in my life take the time to share their experiences, good and bad, and many of these lessons have helped me through some tough times.

My hope is that by sharing what I have been through in life and what I have learned from the journey, my words may help someone else find their way.

If not, then this is just a thought exercise and public reflection on a life lived to its fullest (and at times with reckless abandon). I’m excited to see how this turns out.

If you’d like to follow this series, you can find the full 40@40 series here: